Pup 2 Perfection (1-2-1)

Prefer to train your puppy without attending classes? At Callander K9 we offer individually tailored 121 training over the course of 4 visits (Roughly 1-1.5 hours)  We welcome the whole family to come along. Having consistency with every family member will ensure puppy knows exactly what is expected of him/her.

Puppy training is essential to help you to understand your puppies needs, their body language, their likes and dislikes and to help them to live happily and confidently in our world. A trained dog is a happy dog.

Our training is outdoors in a fully secure training field or at your home in the garden. We prefer to train outdoors as it’s real life! Puppy will find outside much more difficult to concentrate and to choose YOU over the distractions, so from day one we set them up for success.

We pride ourselves on rewards based training through games. You don’t need to spend hours a week training. By playing short games we will not only cover the course below, we will help build an unbreakable bond between you.

Our course covers –

  • Manners – Sit / Stay / Focus
  • Biting and mouthing
  • Leave / Retrieve / Drop / Play
  • Loose Lead Walking / No jumping up
  • Body language / Husbandry (Handling) / Diet and exercise
  • Recall / Recall with distractions
  • Socialisation – The do’s and dont’s / Meeting other dog’s & people
  • Calmness – Settle in your bed or Cafe
  • Enrichment ideas and future dog sports
  • Access to email / phone support  and closed facebook support group

Pup 2 Perfection (1-2-1)


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