Dog Playground

Playground is a chance for your dog to interact with other dog’s, explore new and exciting activities and learn at it’s own pace with the freedom of being off lead in a safe secure environment.

Benefits for your dog

  • Learning how to interact with dogs of all different ages, stages, sizes and breeds
  • Meeting new dogs confidently
  • Building their confidence at their own pace with new activities, scents and other dogs
  • Plenty of chance to rest and process their learning on one of our many beds
  • Learning how to play nicely by mirroring and matching each others play
  • Learning to disengage from other dogs when they need or want to
  • Building confidence and supporting those with separation struggles

Benefits for you

  • A little break from walking
  • Support from a qualified IMDT, DTC & AD trainer
  • Help with separation issues
  • Watching your dogs confidence build
  • A tired happy dog

Dog Playground


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