Introduction to Hoopers – Sept

Hooper’s is a low impact fast and FUN sport that is suitable for dog’s and owners of all fitness levels.

Dog’s navigate a course of hoops, barrels & tunnels with the same pace and excitement as agility without the same impact on dogs joints as the courses are flowing and do not involve tight turns.

This course will teach you the basics of barrels, hoops and tunnels  all the way to running a full course / race with your dog in just 6 weeks.

Benefits of Hooper’s

  • It’s FAST & FUN
  • Low impact on joints
  • Suitable for any fitness of the handler
  • Suitable for any age – puppies to older dogs
  • Suitable for all breeds, sizes and temperaments
  • Builds confidence in your dog moving away from you
  • Build’s Self – Control (Learns to ignore distractions) and thinking in arousal (Able to listen even when excited)
  • Builds an amazing bond of trust between you
  • Great for burning off steam and building both of your fitness level
  • It’s great for those dog’s that can no longer manage agility but still need a job to do
  • It’s easy to practice at home with everyday items
  • I can make an supply hoops for you, should you wish

This course will be held outdoors at my purpose build training area and run from Tuesday 14th September 7-8pm for 6 weeks.

Introduction to Hoopers – Sept


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