Puppy Sensory Playpark

* Puppies are booking into the 11.30 group session to learn how to interact with all ages and sizes of dog*

At the playground puppies have the chance to play together, to relax around other dogs and learn each others body language at their own pace. There will be a trainer on hand to talk about body language, stress levels, appropriate play and the importance of protecting their confidence at these delicate stages. We will help you build their confidence with many different objects, novelty items and activities to explore.

Different Activities Include

  • Tyre pyramids
  • Sand pit
  • Weave poles
  • Ball pool
  • Sniffing tyres
  • Tunnels
  • Different surfaces and textures to walk on
  • Random scary (for puppy) items around such as hi viz vests and road signs
  • Balance Path
  • Hide Crate
  • Raised beds to relax

Help your puppy build its confidence at it’s own pace, explore, socialise and learn how to relax around distractions.

Puppy Sensory Playpark


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