Tricky Business

Want to learn some fun tricks? Then this is the course for you. Get the whole family involved and learn some new tricks together. It’s FUN, mentally stimulating for your dog, helps build your dogs fitness, helps them fulfil their natural need of working for their rewards (Known as Contra-freeloading) and boosts your relationship and your dogs focus.

Tricks you will learn plus much more

  • Bow
  • Play dead
  • High 5
  • Spins
  • Emergency stops
  • Tidy up time
  • Shaking hands
  • Wave


  • Great activity the whole family can get involved in
  • Great to enhance your dogs fitness
  • Great to use whilst distractions pass
  • Builds focus and grit
  • Great to show how clever your dog really is
  • Great to build upon your relationship
  • Provides your dog with more pleasure and opportunity to fulfill it’s need for mental stimulation

This course will be held at my outdoor purpose built training area, starting Thursday 12th August for 4 weeks 7-8pm

Tricky Business


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