Callander K9 was established over 7 year’s ago as a dog walking business, building it’s clients & friends steadily over the years to now be able to offer dog training, puppy training, dog sports, an adventure playground for dogs to socialise at their pace, learning positive greetings and body language and the very best puppy sensory playground. Your puppy will grow in confidence (at their pace) to be able to cope and live happily and healthy within our world.

From overcoming struggles with my own dog and wanting to help my customers with their own dog struggles, I was determined to find a solution that supported both owners and dogs alike.

I am a qualified IMDT trainer. I hold an advanced diploma in canine behaviour. I am almost a qualified behaviourist too 😃 I am a certified Pro dog trainer & geek. I am an approved dog training instructor with the Dog Training College. A Gold member of the Pet Professional Network. A qualified KAD (Kids around dogs) trainer and have completed a variety of other courses through The school of Canine Science, Dog Training Secret, Ian Dunbar & Canine Principles to name just a few.

I am first aid trained, insured, DBS checked and have a fully fitted doggie van for our dog walking customers.

I is now we having Alan and Louise join us to become our CK9 team. They are both helping with dog walking and playground and hoping to become our dog trainers in the future.

We have an enclosed, secure, purpose built dog training ground where we hold all of our training, 121’s, training walks, dog sports and an adventure playground for both puppies and adult dogs.

Should you be looking for dog walking, dog or puppy training, dog sports such as Hoopers, agility, gun dogs, scent or to build your dogs confidence, calm them down, boost your relationship with your dog, help your child with a fear or over enthusiasm with your dog, rescuing a dog or bringing a new baby home, we are here for you.  You will receive the very best for your beloved pet. They will be treated as one of our own and we will support you for life ❤