Dog Walking

If you’ve never used my services before, book a meet and greet.

Group Walk

Cost - 1 Hour Weekday - £11 / Weekend £13

This walk is specifically for the more social of dogs they will be collected from your home and taken to one of the many exciting walks we have on our doorstep with a suitable group of dogs. After an hour of sniffing, socialising, running and playing your happy dog will be returned home, dried off, paws wiped in a safe. We will happily feed, top up water or give medication where required.

Individual Walk

Cost - 1 Hour Weekday - £14 / Weekend £16
30 Mins Weekday - £10 / Weekend £12

You may prefer your dog to have an individual walk whether they are elderly, recovering from illness, a bitch in season or don’t particularly like other dogs, we can provide an individual walk to suit.

Socialisation Walk

Cost - 1 Hour Weekday - £20

Do you have an overexcited adolescent? A bit of a nervous pup or older dog, want to learn a little more about body language, would like your dog to learn appropriate greetings and manners or feel they just need a little more socialisation whilst YOU gain some training tips and ideas then both you and your pup will come and join me on a suitable walk where I will already be walking with a group of dogs.

Book a Meet and Greet

At the meet and greet, we will learn a little more about your dog, their likes, dislikes, the cues you use and their favourite walks.

Then we will join you on a walk so that we can see how you use your cues for your dog, how they act in different situations and you can see how well we communicate with your dog.

We can also chat about you and your dog’s individual specific needs and any future walks

Meet & Greet


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