Dog Training

Learn to Play, Play to Learn

I am the head trainer at Callander K9. I am a qualified IMDT and pro dog trainer based in Callander and can cover most areas. Our positive training methods use games to teach your dog how to make the right choices in life. We can offer training and life-long support from the moment you choose to get your dog. Whether you want to train your puppy to an advanced level, add in scent or dog sports to your lives or you have specific struggles to address, we will support you in your journey whilst building an incredible bond between you and your dog.

What we can offer

  • Getting a puppy
  • Puppy Class
  • Beginner level class
  • Intermediate level Class
  • Advanced level Class
  • Scent Workshop
  • Loose Lead walking workshop
  • Recall workshops
  • Gun Dog Training
  • Hooper’s
  • Agility



  • Is your dog over excited?
  • Are your walks stressful?
  • barking and lunging at every other dog, person, bike or car he sees?
  • Does your dog cry and destroys the house when left alone?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, or you have another behaviour struggle with your dog that won’t be fixed in a classroom, then this service is for you!