Dog Training

Learn to Play, Play to Learn

I am Leah, your trainer at Callander K9. I am a qualified IMDT trainer and pro dog trainer. A canine body language specialist, soon to be behaviourist based in Callander and can cover most areas. I am an approved instructor with the dog training college, hold an advanced diploma in canine behaviour, a qualified Hoopers & Agility trainer & scentwork specialist. I am insured and DBS checked. Our ethical training methods use scientifically proven games to teach your dog how to make the right choices in life. We can offer training and life-long support from the moment you choose to get your dog. Whether you want to train your puppy to an advanced level, add in scent or dog sports to your lives or you have specific struggles to address, we will support you in your journey whilst building an incredible bond between you and your dog.

What we can offer

  • Getting a puppy
  • Puppy Class
  • Beginner level class
  • Intermediate level Class
  • Advanced level Class
  • Teens & Rescues
  • Scent Workshop
  • Loose Lead walking workshop
  • Recall workshops
  • Gun Dog Training
  • Hooper’s
  • Agility
  • IMDT partnership grades 1-5


  • Is your dog over excited?

  • Is your dog never ever tired?
  • Are your walks stressful?
  • Does your dog bark and lunge at every other dog, person, bike or car they see?
  • Does your dog cry and destroys the house when left alone?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, or you have another behaviour struggle with your dog that you would like to overcome and would prefer an individual training session with your family and dog or you feel your dog may not be suited to group training, then this service is for you!


Thanks so much for your help over the past six weeks or so. We have really found the training beneficial and will continue to put it into practice in the months to come.  We particularly liked the practical and realistic nature of your approach as it felt like it acknowledged that our dog is part of our family rather than a creature to be trained to behave in a very strict and structured way.  Laylah decided to go off on a little adventure of her own in the forest this morning so I remember what you had said about always making a fuss of your dog when they come back, however long they have been away!  It felt like she was gone for hours (probably no more than about 5-7 minutes) and she had clearly had a brilliant time as she came hurtling back down the track to me 😊  I was very relieved to see her back!

We also really appreciate all the handouts and follow-up information via email as there is such a lot to remember.  Having these resources makes us feel able to carry on and work on little bits at a time, rather than having to do everything at once.  We also loved the safety of the area and that the dogs got to run around together every so often. It really helped us to see how they reacted and have you on hand to guide us.

In terms of the ‘it would have been even better if…’ then there is really only the weather we would want less of!  We liked the outdoor nature of the training as this felt much more realistic than being indoors and the distractions were all very real for us and the dog.  The way you dealt with the weather and let us know if you were cancelling was great and we appreciated things being re-arranged.

We will definitely be back to the playground at some point in the New Year and maybe a hoopers course later in the year as Laylah seemed to quite like this.

Thanks again for all your help and willingness to continue to support us as we learn with Laylah 😊

Jane, Adrian & Laylah

We attended the fun agility 6 week course. The fun element was there from the start and we were both put at our ease. Leah worked out each dogs personality and made sure everyone was safe. I hadn’t realised that the fun agility would require me to run round a field shouting instructions. Good exercise for me too. I am no spring chicken! By the end of the 6th week we did a full circuit. Poppy had been unsure of one of the elements and with ideas and bribery, for Poppy, not me, she did it 3 times on week 6. Leah was just excited as I was. As well as the manic bit, the dogs learned to switch off when another dog was doing the course. There was no judgment just complete fun for all. Crufts here we come…….well maybe not!

Janet McLelland

Hamish my rottweiler loves her to bits!!

Lorenza Tunstall


Thank you for all your time and effort with us over the last 6/7 weeks. The weeks seem to have just flown by!! I have really enjoyed the sessions and have felt the pups have really benefited from them too. Lots of tips and tricks which have definitely helped keep them entertained and give me some light relief haha!! You have the patience of a saint… especially with so much going on but you gave everyone an opportunity to ask individual questions and have definitely provided support to each and every one of us!
The facilities you have are great, thank you for making us feel so comfortable and for sharing your expertise.
Hopefully we will return and take up hoopers or scent work next year (when the weather gets better haha)
Thanks again

Nikki & Family (Plus Harris & Finn)

Thanks so much Leah, yesterday was fantastic. We’ve done some of your training this morning and going great, postman has made a delivery without Barney going berserk and I could really see his concentration on the walk. Really excited to see his progress. Many Thanks

Marie Maclean

Firstly we’d like to say how much we enjoyed the course and how much we learned. We think that this has made Lussa a much more confident dog and us more confident owners. We think this has helped to improve our bond with Lussa and we’ve really noticed a difference in her behaviour and our ability to train her. You and Alan were always so welcoming and positive and we looked forward to our Tuesday evenings! You explained everything and were always able to answer any questions we had. We really appreciated the support you gave us with regards to Lussa’s resource guarding behaviour (and whenever she would display this when we were with the group – it meant a lot that you would explain collie behaviour to the rest of the group).
The only thing we could suggest is occasionally when we were doing the exercises you didn’t always have time to make it round everyone before the end of the exercise as you or Alan would be coaching other members (I know however, we were guilty of this at times!).
We really enjoyed the sessions, have been having a great time at the playpark and are looking forward to going further courses – Lussa has been loving the scent ‘find it’ game so think she would have a great time at the scent course.
See you soon and thanks again,
Imogen, Stuart and Lussa

Imogen Stuart & Lussa

I really recommend training with Leah. We did the 3 week reliable recall workshop. You wouldn’t expect a fully trained dog after three weeks, but Leah shows you lots of games to play to improve your relationship with your dog and get them coming back to you.

Anna Clark

Thank you so much Leah! I have a very happy and tired Sid

Anne Gordon

Fantastic! Professional and reliable services for our furbaby. Leah is very knowledgeable

Wendy Munro

Excellent service and Leah really spend’s time making sure my 2 dogs are well looked after and tired after their walk.

Claire Robbins