Pawesome manners package

🐶Is your dog unpredictable when meeting other dogs, people, situations?

🐶Unsure whether they will react aggressively or play when they are on lead?

🐶Are they over excited when meeting other dogs or other dogs don’t want to meet your dog?

🐶Would you like to introduce a new dog to the family or safely introduce you & a friends dog to enjoy walks together?

🐶 Would you like them to join our group playground to build their confidence & help them learn to play with dogs however you are worried or embarrassed about their behaviour?

Would you rather chat face to face & let us meet your dog to discuss your needs and choose a plan of action?

💞 Let us support you with our Pawesome manners package. 🎉

What’s included?

🐕30 minute consultation to learn all about your dog, their behaviours, previous introductions & your coping mechanisms & decide on a future plan that is suited to you & your dog’s need.

🐕 Solutions to help you get you started.

🐕 An explanation of what’s going on with your dog & why.

🐕 Tailored step by step hand-outs to guide & support you depending on your needs.

Pawesome manners package