Bringing your new Puppy home

This support programme is designed to help you start off on the right paw!

Who is it for?Β 

🐢 New puppy owners who would like to start as they mean to go on prior to getting puppy or whilst awaiting their vaccinations.

🐢 Puppy owners who would prefer tailored individual support to suit your families & puppies specific needs.

What’s included?

πŸ•1 hour visit to your home to discuss you & your puppies needs.

πŸ•Support with proofing your home & garden to ensure puppies safety.

πŸ• Some enrichment, scent, recall & focus games plus give you calmness tips.

πŸ•Email support in those early days when puppy can easily bring the strongest of people to tears.

πŸ• Solutions to socialise puppy awaiting their vaccinations.

πŸ• A closed support group which will be updated to include any handouts. (Soon to be added to your own account on our website ) A place to share your struggles & success, chat to & meet with other puppy owners who are in your situation.

πŸ• Numerous step by step handouts to support you & your family to set your puppy up for success.

πŸ•2 X group playground sessions worth Β£12 each) to support you in introducing your puppy to other dogs & people whilst protecting their confidence. (I’ll be there to support you)

Handouts include –Β 

  • Toilet training
  • Settling overnight
  • Building confidence alone
  • Teething
  • Recipes (Treats, warm days & kongs)
  • Confidence & positive pairing
  • Socialising
  • Critical periods
  • Handling
  • Diet & Exercise
  • Calmness & Rest
  • Enrichment & brain games
  • Scent facts & games for puppies
  • Rewards, markers & different training methods
  • Jumping up
  • Car journeys
  • Bed games
  • Crate training
  • Nipping, biting, crazy half hours (usually when you finally sit down to relax 😜)
  • Poisonous plants / foods
  • Solutions πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
  • Natural remedies to support your dog’s health & save you money.

Our bringing puppy home 121’s are currently available on Fridays @ 5pm although please email if this time isn’t suitable πŸ’ž

Bringing your new Puppy home


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