Group Playground

Playground is a chance for your dog to interact with other dog’s, explore new and exciting activities and learn at it’s own pace with the freedom of being off lead in a safe secure environment.

Playground isn’t a free for all where dogs are allowed to jump on each other (yes, many begin like this until they safely learn what is acceptable from other dogs) They can still have fun at our playground, they learn how to calm themself quicker with your help to go off and play appropriately again.

We have challenges for you to complete with your dog and they quickly learn to focus on you, choose you with other dogs and people about.

Benefits for your dog

  • Learning how to interact with dogs of all different ages, stages, sizes and breeds
  • Meeting new dogs confidently
  • Building their confidence at their own pace with new activities, scents and other dogs
  • Plenty of chance to rest and process their learning on one of our many beds
  • Learning how to play nicely by mirroring and matching each others play
  • Learning to disengage from other dogs when they need or want to
  • Building confidence and supporting those with separation struggles
  • Learning self – control, thinking & listening surrounded by distractions

Benefits for you

  • A little break from walking
  • Support from a qualified IMDT, DTC & AD trainer
  • Help with separation issues
  • Watching your dogs confidence build
  • A tired happy dog
  • Chance to proof your training with distractions

🐕🐕 Group and exclusive playground will be closed on Saturday 4th June as we are holding an event at the Thornhill Gala Day. Come see us 🐕🐕

Group Playground


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